Wisbech Grammer School A-Level Results

WISBECH Grammar School head Robert Repper said today he was delighted with the school s A level results which saw an overall pass rate of 99 per cent, with most subjects achieving 100 per cent. Mr Repper said: We are delighted with these splendid resu

WISBECH Grammar School head Robert Repper said today he was "delighted" with the school's A level results which saw an overall pass rate of 99 per cent, with most subjects achieving 100 per cent.

Mr Repper said: "We are delighted with these splendid results which reflect the hard work put in by both pupils and teachers alike. I am pleased to be able to congratulate all involved."


• The overall A Level pass rate is 99% with most subjects achieving 100%.

• The percentage of A to C grades is 78%.

• The percentage of A and B grades is 65%, which is the same as last year at A Level.

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• The percentage of A to E grades is 99%.

• At A Level, 10 pupils achieved 3 or more As, and two pupils achieved 4 A Level passes, all with Grade As.

• At AS Level the percentage of A and B grades is 50%.

• At AS Level the percentage of A to C grades is 71%.

• At AS Level the percentage of A to E grades is 97%, which is higher than last year.

• At AS Level, 9 pupils achieved 3 or more As, and 7 pupils achieved 4 AS Level passes, all with Grades As.

The individual results are listed below:

Wisbech Grammar School - A Level Results - Summer 2007

Subject codes:

Art & Design A&D, Art & Design:Graphics A&DG, Art & Design: Textiles A&DT, Biology B, Business Studies BS, Chemistry C, Computing Co, Design & Technology D&T, Economics Ec, English Literature EL, Food & Nutrition FN, French F, Geography G, Geometrical/Mechanical Drawing GMD, German Gm, History H, Information and Communication Technology ICT, Mathematics M, Further Maths FM, Mechanics Me, Music Mu, Music Technology MT, Physical Education PE, Physics P.

* = Grade A



Louisa Allen - Gm*, Ec, F*

David Ayres - P, M, C

Thomas Bailey - A&DT*, D&T

Joseph Barter - Ec, BS, D&T

Jonathan Blunt - A&DG*, D&T

Fiona Burgess - Gm*, Ec*, F

Christopher Bushell - P*, FM, C

Sion Carruthers - P*, FM*, C*

Ian Carter - G, P, M

Hannah Chalmers - G

Hamna Chaudhry - A&DT*, B, C

David Coleman - Co, BS, D&T

Henry Crofts - G*, Ec, EL

Stuart Dexter - P, FM, C

Ross Dryden - Gm*, B, C*

Shaun Elsey - B, C

Dulcie Emerson - A&D*, EL*, F

Sara Fink - Gm, Ec, F

Alistair Fisher - G, Ec*, M

Stevie Fox - FN, BS

Joanne Gomm - G, BS*

Rachel Goodwin - G*, B, M

Matthew Hague - G, P, M

Ella Harrington - G, A&DT*, F

Victoria Herbert - A&D*, P, B

Laura Holmes - FN, A&DT*, BS

Katherine Howard - FN, A&DT*, EL

Jack Hoyles - A&DG, A&DT*, BS

Thomas Jones - H, EL

Anushka Karunaratne - B*, M*, C*

Kashif Khan - P, B, C

Natalia Leggett - A&DG*, M, EL

Georgina Martin - G*, B*, C*, M*

Christopher Mayer - A&D*, H*, EL

Benjamin Miller - G, H, EL

Jacob Miller - FN, H

David Milne - P*, Ec*, C*

Helen Mylozis - Ec, EL, F

Clement O'Rourke - P*, FM*, C*

Oliver Pearman - P, B, C, M

Samuel Portham - H, BS

Sian Pressling - A&D*, A&DT*, BS

Rachel Proctor - A&DG, A&DT*, BS

Grace Rankin - A&DT*, EL, H

Verity Ransom - A&D, Mu, EL

Daniel Redhead - Gm, Ec, F

Stephanie Reeve - FN*, B, C, M

Josef Reinbold - Co, H*, B

Amy Riches - Gm*, EL*, F*

Charlotte Riviere - A&D*, H*, EL*

Charlie Roberts - A&DG, BS, D&T

George Rowe - B*, EL, C

Charlotte Salter - Gm, A&DT, EL

Aarohi Sharma - P*, B*, C*

George Slynn - Co, A&DG, D&T

Usman Tariq - B, EL, C*

William Treasure - G, M, F

Robert Williams - FN, BS, Mt

Martha Woodard - P*, B*, C*

Jessica Wright - G*, P*, B*, C*

LOWER SIXTH FORM - A Level Results

Rebecca Clark - M*

Harvey Davies - M

Marcus Garner-Hatcher - M

James Grundy - M*

Jian Wei Lim - M

Ellen Matthews - M*

Abdulgani Tobaria - M

Cheng Zhang - M*

Wisbech Grammar School - AS Level Results - Summer 2007



Rebecca Aguilar - EL, H*, F, A&D*

Thomas Bell - BS, D&T, G

Declan Blunden - A&D, D&T, G

Ryan Blunt - M, P, C, B

Jessica Boyce - B, ICT

Oliver Cannell - M, P, C*, B*

Dominic Chatwin - G, D&T, Ec

Camilla Cheetham - BS, A&D*, F, Gm

Rebecca Clark - M*, P*, C*, Co

Cecilia Corbett - B*, P*, C*, G*, M

Kimberley Davidson-Watt - FN, A&DT*, Ec

Harvey Davies - M, H*, EL, Ec*

Joanna Dryden - B, P, C, Gm*

Elizabeth England - FN, G, B

Jonathan England - B, G

Hannah Fawkes - EL, A&D*, A&DT*, Ec

Rebecca Ford - M, PE*, A&DT*, B

Jodie Gallagher - FN*, H*, EL, Ec

Marcus Garner-Hatcher - M*, P*, C*, B*

Michael Gillick - EL, PE*, D&T, B

James Grundy - M*, P*, C*, B*

Tod Hackett - P, C, B

Katherine Hamilton - EL, M, A&DT*, B

Lewis Harrington - BS, H, G

Joshua Harvey - BS, PE*, EL

Charlotte Hobday - M, A&DG, Ec

Harriet Homuth - EL, A&DT*, Ec, F*

Eleanor Hutson - EL, H*, F, A&DG*

Frederick Hyde - B, EL, G

Adam Jewson - BS, A&DG, A&DT, ICT

Natalie Jordan - G, A&DT*, A&DG, F

Amber Kavaliauskas - M, A&DT*, A&DG*

Jessica Le Gallez - EL, F

Jian Wei Lim - M*, A&D*, EL, A&DG*

Kirsty Macleod - BS, PE, EL, B

Ellen Matthews - M*, H*, F*, Gm*

Charlotte Merrell - BS, A&DT, EL

Toby Moon - BS, H, EL, B

Holly Morton - EL, A&D*, A&DT*, G

Charlotte Norman - B, H, A&DT*, A&DG*

Victoria Norman - B*, H*, C*, G*

Charlotte Parker - FN, H, EL, Ec

Jack Pearson - EL, H*, C, G*

James Pettit - M, P, C, G

Matthew Popely - M, P, D&T, Co

Wayne Rees - BS, G, D&T

Joanna Ring - M, A&DG, A&DT*

Leanne Rowe - EL, H, F, A&DG*

Gregory Sewell - B, P, C, Co, M

Rachael Shippey - BS, G, EL, Gm

Laurie-Ann Smith - G, A&DT*, B

Mark Stebbing - BS, G, EL

Christopher Stone - M, G, D&T, Ec

Terence Stone - G, EL, Co

Hannah Strickle - BS, G*, C, B,

Abdulgani Tobaria - M, P, EL, G

Alice Williams - EL, F, Gm, Mu

Laura Williams - M*, H*, F*, Gm*

Leanne Williamson - BS*, PE*, C, B

James Wright - M, A&D*, EL, A&DG*

Cheng Zhang - M*, P*, C*, Ec*


Thomas Bailey - A&DG*

Hannah Chalmers - B, PE

Shaun Elsey - B

Joanne Gomm - PE*, B

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