Wisbech Grammar School student hits back at Daily Mail easy exams claim

A STUDENT faced down criticism from her elders that exams are too easy.

Madeleine Boulton was incensed by an article in the Daily Mail which slammed GCSE science papers for being a walk in the park.

Having just sat one of the tests, the 16-year-old fired off an angry letter to the right-wing newspaper to challenge the popular view.

The Wisbech Grammar School student wrote: “I don’t appreciate my age group being made to look brainless because we’re supposedly ‘challenged’ with question such as what form of energy do hair straighteners give out.

“The examples quoted in the Mail are not representative of those I faced. The basis for the conclusions - that exams are getting easier - if flawed.

“I challenge anyone to answer the question and not conclude that science exams are very taxing indeed.”

The letter was published in the national newspaper on Wednesday, June 23.