Wisbech given cash to boost its fortunes

WISBECH has been given thousands of pounds to help lift it out of deprivation.

The town currently has some of the most deprived wards in the county.

But community organisers have now been handed a �4,500 grant to help tranform its fortunes and believe the town’s future is looking bright.

They plan to hold Wisbech’s first multi-cultural festival on August 1 and say investors have started to “recognise potential in the town”.

Town Council clerk Erbie Murat said: “Wisbech has traditionally suffered from a great deal of negligence.

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“We believe it is important the town has community events so people can have a bit of fun and enjoy themselves. It also helps to build community cohesion and put Wisbech on the map.”

He added: “This is fantastic for Wisbech. It has so much potential. This will give it an opportunity it has not had before.”

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The most deprived wards in the town include Clarkson, Waterlees, Kirkgate and Staithe.

Waterlees has particular problems - about 30 per cent of households do not have access to a car,

A Fenland District Council report adds: “There is no rail provision within Wisbech and bus services are poor. “The area has a high proportion of social housing and high unemployment, which increases isolation and social exclusion through poor access.

“Without improved transport opportunities to access employment, leisure and social activities, opportunities to improve resident’s quality of life will be more limited.”

It is hoped the Bring and Share multi-cultural festival will change all that.

As well as fun and games in Wisbech park, there will be African and Indian dancing displays as well as food from Polish and Italian cultures.

The aim is to give everyone in Wisbech improved access to social activities.

Mr Murat said: “With so much investment recently, Wisbech is an up and coming place.

“We now have to work with people who have had disappointment in the past and whose aspirations are quite low.”

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