£1,000 donation will help bring school swimming pool back to life

Cambridgeshire Freemasons presentation to Gorefield Primary School 2021 05 12

Cambridgeshire Freemasons presentation to Gorefield Primary School 2021 on May 12. Cambridgeshire Freemasons secretary Andrew Clifton, Gorefield Primary Academy head teacher Ruth Bailey, head of governors Karen Luck and Alan Rust with with Year 6 pupils Melaki, Archie and Harvey and (WM 6125). - Credit: Cambridgeshire Freemasons

A £1,000 donation from the Wisbech Freemasons to Gorefield Primary Academy aims to help get students swimming regularly again by next term. 

The cash boost comes after a plea for help from headteacher Ruth Bailey, who said the pool had deteriorated without regular use and repairs were not possible from the school budget.

The Gild of Holy Trinity Lodge and the Breakfast Bruvs Club in Wisbech raised the money.

It has been supplemented by further funding from City & University of Cambridgeshire Masonic Trust.

Mrs Bailey said; "I would like to thank Wisbech Freemasons for this donation, and our target is to have the children swimming regularly by next term at least four times a week”.

Alan Rust, master of Gild of Holy Trinity Lodge, said: "We are really happy to support this important project which will help so many young people.

"It’s a great opportunity for us to make a difference in our community despite the restrictions of the pandemic”.

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It is also planned for the pool to be used by the community outside school hours.