WISBECH: Fire service slams arsonists after 10 tonnes of straw went up in smoke

FIRE-fighters have slammed arsonists for putting people’s lives at risk after about 20 tonnes of straw went up in smoke this morning (Thursday).Fire crews were called to a fire in a Wisbech barn at about 2am, which is believed to have been started by arsonists.

ABOUT 20 tonnes of straw went up in smoke when arsonists set alight to a barn in Wisbech this morning (Thursday).

Two fire crews from Wisbech fire station were called to extinguish the blaze in Panswell Lane, off Barton Road, shortly after 2am.

Several cylinders were also in the barn, which measured about five metres by 10 metres, but fire-fighters wearing breathing apparatus used a covering jet to cool the cylinders until they could be removed.

The fire was eventually extinguished and crews were back at base by 4.10am.

Fire-fighters returned to the scene this afternoon to carry out an inspection, but a fire service spokeswoman said the cause of the fire is believed to be deliberate.

The spokeswoman said: "It is extremely dangerous to start any kind of fire deliberately. Fire is very unpredictable and fire can put the lives of the arsonist and those in the surrounding areas at risk.

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"In this case the structure of the barn was unstable and could have collapsed on those responsible. The fact that there were cylinders in the barn contributed to this danger as, if one of these was involved in the fire, it could have seriously injured anyone in close proximity at the time.