Shoplifting, drug deals and drunks - ‘I saw it all in just one morning in Wisbech’

Woman tells of how she witnessed shoplifters, drunks and drug deals just sitting outside Wisbech caf

Woman tells of how she witnessed shoplifters, drunks and drug deals just sitting outside Wisbech cafe - Credit: Archant

A woman has described her morning in Wisbech during which she overheard two people chatting about shoplifting plans, watched a drug deal going down, saw another buying stolen goods and saw another man “drunk out of his head”.

The post on a Wisbech Facebook page is already attracting huge interest.

The woman described her day, beginning with her original idea of having breakfast at a local café.

“That was closed so we walked around to Terry’s and sat outside to eat,” she wrote.

“If I’d have been a policeman sitting there my ears and eyes would be in overdrive.

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“One person says to the other - have you starting lifting yet, the reply was not yet just on my way, only need £20 worth a day and they don’t chase you for an item less than £10.”

She then:

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•Watched ‘an English guy going to buy shoplifted stuff from a couple of EE guys’

•Watched ‘a drug deal happen with a guy sitting waiting and a guy came around on his bike’.

•Watched ‘one EE guy drunk out of his head drinking on the bench but he did put his can in the bin’

• Watched ‘a drunk who could hardly walk carry his ‘water’ bottle and walk off to Church Mews to relieve himself (at this point we were walking to Beales).’

She added: “Thank goodness we didn’t have a ‘mega’ breakfast.”

However the consolation was “no anti-social behaviour in St Peter’s gardens, Carlisle garden or around the Crescent/”

One other resident posted: “I was just going into the chemist near Beales when a woman coming out dropped some sunglasses.

“After a few Anglo Saxon oaths she said that she was upset as she had ‘paid a lot of money for them’

“Her friends laughed at her then she said that they were bloody expensive.....even though she had pinched them.”

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