Welcome back to the food capital of the Fens

Wisbech restaurants and pub re-open

From left: Temptation at the Sportsman, Elm; middle: tempting choices at Snack Shack and right: Blues Restaurant, Leverington Road. Exquisite desserts. These, they say, are a few of our favourite things. - Credit: Archant

Cafes and restaurants in Wisbech are opening their doors – with smiles as long as the River Nene.  

Today celebrated the return of eating, drinking, and, the most precious gift of all laughter.  

Lockdown is easing, which means we’re not out of the woods yet, and you still need to ‘mask up’ to go inside.  

And trace and test remain, its table service only, and Covid-19 guidelines stay in place.  

But it is the beginning of a new dawn for those many café bosses, restaurateurs and publicans who have come through what we hope is the worst of the pandemic.  

We dipped our toe into the Wisbech eating and drinking scene to catch the moment – and the excitement.  


Snack Shack Wisbech

Snack Shack in Wisbech which has opened for business behind the Post Office. A splendid and easy to access cafe. - Credit: Wisbech Tweet

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This delightful café behind the Post Office in Wisbech is open for business. 

It is simply that, a café, but a very good one tempting you with Lavazza coffee, light meals, pastries and cakes. 


Charlies Wisbech

Introducing the wow factor to breakfasts and burgers and much else beside. Charlie's is now inside its new premises in the town and offering gentle (and mammoth !) sized portions. - Credit: Charlies

First day for Charlie’s too, who opened with take away service during the lockdown but can now welcome guests inside to enjoy some sumptuous treats. 

Famous for his burgers, expect Charlies to win a reputation for his breakfasts, too. His larger breakfast is mouth-watering.  

Two Lincolnshire sausages, three air cured smoked Norfolk streaky bacon, two free range eggs, tomatoes, beans, button mushrooms, two hash browns, two toast, and coffee or juice.  

And, of course, black pudding.  

You’ll find Charlie’s in Little Church Street.  


Terry's Wisbech

They're back. Terry's enjoyed welcoming customers back inside their town centre cafe in Wisbech. - Credit: Wisbech Tweet

“You know everything in the world is fine when you visit Terry's and find Haley with a big smile waiting for you,” says Wisbech Tweet who paid and visit and took some photos.  

This glorious town centre café/restaurant has always been popular with those just sitting, eating, drinking coffee or tea, and watching the world go by. 

But its back, for cooler days, with its inside seating too.  

And very happy to be so.  


Loafers Wisbech

Welcome, welcome, welcome. The smiles say it all as staff and customers enjoy the first day back inside at Loafers in Wisbech. - Credit: Wisbech Tweet

The warmth of the ‘Wisbech welcome’ was evident, to, at Loafers where staff lined up with regular customers to ensure we got the message.  

It’s a delightful and popular venue and great for a stop-off soup and baguette or scrambled egg on toast.  

They went large, too, not just with portion size but describing the easing of lockdown and the return to indoor seating as a GRAND RE-OPENING.