Poem about ‘moronic vandals’ who killed 10,000 rare bees at Wisbech Castle

Police have released CCTV footage of a “cruel, unprovoked and completely unnecessary act of violence

Police have released CCTV footage of a “cruel, unprovoked and completely unnecessary act of violence” at Wisbech Castle that left 10,000 rare bees dead. Hundreds of beehives, which were part of the castle’s British black bee conservation project, were deliberately damaged by intruders who broke into the castle grounds at around 5.15am on January 8. Police are now trying to identify the two men pictured. Picture: POLICE - Credit: Archant

One of our readers, Mark Huskinson, has penned a poem about the killing of 10,000 rare bees at Wisbech Castle


Bet you're really proud and pleased with yourselves,

Even bragging perhaps because it made the news.

Ever reflected that education is a wonderful thing?

Shame all that effort was wasted on you.

Bet your actions will come back to haunt you.

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Even mindless deeds can have a sting in their tail.

Ever been aware that bees have purpose in life?

Shame your ignorance may land you in jail.

Blatant acts of moronic vandalism

Even worse you've no explanation or reason why.

Ever considered the fine art of thinking?

Shame it would cause your brain cell to fry.

Brain dead, dysfunctional wasters,

Even a bee is cerebrally higher.

Ever comprehended the concept of conscience?

Shame your closed mind won't let you to enquire.

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