Wisbech boy who locked himself in parents’ BMW car rescued by firefighters

FIREFIGHTERS spent more than 45 minutes rescuing a six-year-old boy who locked himself in the boot of his parents’ car with the only set of keys.

The boy was at his grandparents’ house in Old Lynn, Wisbech, and somehow managed to get hold of his mother’s keys to the BMW.

He climbed into the boot while is mother was in the house. The mother called the fire service and firefighters arrived at 7.35pm on Saturday.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “On arrival the crews found that the child had the keys with him in the boot but could not locate them.

“As this was a central locking car the crew spent 20 minutes encouraging the boy to find the keys and unlock the car because they did not want to damage it.

“This failed so the crew smashed the small quarter light to hit the release button. However, this set off the alarm and did not unlock the car.

“Finally the crew decided to use their hydraulic equipment to release the boot and then the child as he was becoming more anxious.”

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The crew returned to base at 8.28pm.