Wisbech Angles’ Ratzcool group is chosen for youth theatre festival


Ratzcool has been chosen, for the second year, to perform at one of the largest celebrations of youth theatre.


The group, which is Wisbech Angles Theatre’s children’s school for performing arts, was chosen by the National Theatre’s Connections 500 to perform The Musicians by Patrick Marber in March 2016.

In celebration of their 21st anniversary, the annual nationwide festival will be working with 500 companies who will perform their plays in 2016.

Over the weekend, an Angles Theatre youth director joined 500 directors from all over the country for three days of workshops to help start the project.

The Angles director, along with 60 others, had the opportunity to meet The Musicians’ playwright, Patrick Marber.

Organisers said: “This was an amazing chance to delve into and understand the nitty gritty details of the play from the playwright’s point of view.

“It was also wonderful to talk to other directors of The Musicians and share the elements that they felt would excite youth groups and their concerns”, they added.

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“The Angles Theatre’s Ratzcool are excited for this challenge and rehearsals will begin as soon as the cast has been auditioned.”

After performing at the Angles Theatre in April, Ratzcool then take the play to Norwich in May and then, if chosen, will perform at the National Theatre Festival in June/July.