Hundreds write in support of the volunteer about to get down on her hands and knees to clean up the entrance of Wisbech church hall

One of three photos taken by A Wisbech resident of the human excrement and other mess left in the e

One of three photos taken by A Wisbech resident of the human excrement and other mess left in the entrance to St Peter's Church Hall, Wisbech. We have decided not to publish the other two photos, identifying the volunteer church worker, on her hands and knees removing the mess. Picturel; A WHEENDON - Credit: Archant

Hundreds posted in support of action to halt drunken behaviour and urinating in passage ways or in public places in Wisbech.

The latest controversy was sparked with photos posted to a social media forum of a woman forced to clean up a church hallway entrance ahead of a fund raising fair.

"OK a question?" said the man who posted the images.

"Is it right for a member of the public to have to get down on her knees and scrub human s*** off the walls and floor at the door of St Peter's church hall?

"The toilets are just round the corner and even the bushes would be better than this."

It provoked a massive response with many agreeing with this post that claimed "Wisbech is getting worse for people using it as a giant toilet; disgusting"

The woman who wrote it added: "So sorry this has happened -this should never have to be cleaned up by someone else."

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One local councillor felt that as the church could take action to stop people using the area late at night.

"In the end, its private property so they can lock it up if they want to, I think," he wrote.

One woman felt that it was "disgusting, disgraceful behaviour; these people need catching and rubbing their noses in it."

Another said: "Its funny you can be fined if your dog does it and you do not clean it up, on the spot fines, by council wardens. But these people can get away with it."

One woman wrote: "My friend has a shop in town and they have to work very hard.

"They used their own money to set it up and Wisbech is their hometown. All the bad publicity puts people off from going into town and the shops struggle enough as it is."

In a separate post another resident complained that a group of people who constantly walk past her house inebriated "decided to expose themselves in public and urinate in the bushes on the grassed area near to my property in broad daylight for my children to see.

"When my partner and I went out to shout over to them we had abuse hurled at us.

"When is this going to be made to stop and Wisbech stopped being used as a toilet?"

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