Winks Wheels raises £17,000 and counting for Wisbech man Paul Furness

One of Wisbech Winks Wheels' fundraising events

One of Wisbech Winks Wheels' fundraising events - Credit: Archant

A charity set up to raise money for a Wisbech man in need of a special wheelchair has already raised £17,200.

Wisbech Winks Wheels will hold a charity darts exhibition next month

Wisbech Winks Wheels will hold a charity darts exhibition next month - Credit: Archant

Wisbech Winks Wheels was founded in May this year in aid of Paul Furness – better known to friends and family as Winks.

After being paralysed from the neck down when he fell into a dike last year, Paul is currently in hospital at Sheffield’s Princess Royal Spinal Unit.

The charity was started by his son, Scott, and daughter-in-law, Trudy, who hope to raise enough money to be able to equip Paul with a special chin-operated wheelchair when he returns home.

“He’s well-known around town and everyone has been really generous,” said Trudy.

However the cost of the wheelchair can range from £7,000 to £30,000, depending on the specification.

“At the moment he only has a normal wheelchair so unless there is someone to push him he can’t really go anywhere,” she added.

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“He was a very active man, so to go from that to not being able to do anything for yourself is awful.

“You never know what’s around the corner. It’s the sort of thing you read about in the newspaper but never think it will happen to your family.”

Trudy added that they were initially only going to hold just one fundraising event, but the charity has just grown and grown.

“We’ve put on quiz nights, raffles and jumble sales.

“Next month we’re holding a charity darts exhibition and we have a ladies night coming up and a Christmas bingo event in December.

“Then we’ll be starting again next year.”

Tracy and the family hope that any additional money can be used to enable Paul to go on holiday with a carer.