When cops venture out onto the A47 they have learnt to expect the unexpected - as they did when they found this load

Overloaded van on A47

Overloaded van on A47 - Credit: Archant

Cops patrolling the A47 have learnt to expect the unexpected – so it was no surprise when they pulled over this shaky load.

The hapless driver and his load of branches – with ladders perched precariously on the top- were clearly not safe.

Police patrolling the A47 say they had no option but to stop the driver before the load became a threat to other road users.

“Came across this on the A47,” police tweeted. “Driver stopped, load sorted and driver reported.”

The incident on Friday was the second within a fortnight when police stopped an unsafe load on the same road.

Previously they stopped a lorry loaded over with 200 wooden pallets – the driver was even more of a risk since he hadn’t renewed his insurance.

“Vehicle seized,” tweeted the officer from the roads policing unit who had pulled it over.

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Police did not reveal whether the owner of the Iveco lorry has found someone to reclaim it – or what happened to the pallets.

Nor, indeed, did they reveal who unloaded them.