West Walton, Terrington St John, Walpole Highway and Tilney St Lawrence Primary Schools launch Windmill Federation

The children making a windmill shape on the playground.

The children making a windmill shape on the playground. - Credit: Archant

Nearly 400 pupils and 80 staff gathered at West Walton Community Primary School to mark the launch of a four school partnership.

The Windfall Primary Federation is made up of West Walton, Terrington St. John, Walpole Highway and Tilney St. Lawrence Primary Schools.

The four schools are under the leadership of executive headteacher Jill Davis.

On the day, pupils from the four schools mingled, took part in a logo competition and sang the new Windmill Primary Federation song - Windmills Turning.

The federation system will help the schools share expertise while retaining their individuality, Ms Davis said.

Ms Davis said: “The children approached the day enthusiastically and enjoyed making new friends from the different schools.

“For the future, there will be many opportunities for children to work together across the schools, such as year 3 and 4 pupils sharing a maths event in November.

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“Staff are already benefiting from joint development and training initiatives.

“However, while building on the positive opportunities of a big organisation, we are also determined to keep the very precious nature of each school’s separate ethos, and its place within its own village community.”