Visitor to UK stole bottles of alcohol from Tesco in Wisbech by ripping off security tags

A VISITOR to the UK ripped security tags off alcohol bottles before stealing them from a Fenland supermarket.

Nerijus Kestenis came to Great Britain to visit a relative and was spotted on CCTV as he stole a couple of bottles of booze from the Tesco store in Wisbech.

Kestenis used a Lithuanian language interpreter at Fenland Magistrates’ Court to enter his guilty plea to shoplifting. He admitted stealing two bottles of alcohol on December 7.

“He came here for a few days to stay with a cousin,” solicitor Roger Glazebrook told Fenland magistrates. “He accepts he went to the store and took the tags off the bottles, that was a pre-cursor to stealing the drink.

“He has a son who is ill in Lithuania, and he wants to go back there soon.”

Kestenis, 28, who gave an address in Lime Avenue, Wisbech, was fined �85 and told to pay �85 costs and a �15 surcharge.

Co-defendant Giedrius Narkevicius, 27, of Lime Avenue, Wisbech, denied stealing two bottles of alcohol and is due to face trial before Fenland magistrates on March 2.

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The same theft charge is faced by a third man; the case against Nerijus Liaudanskas, 33, of Kinderley Road, Wisbech, was adjourned until January 11.