Victim tells a court of her devastation after two assaults

A WOMAN assaulted by her partner twice in two days told a court that the experience had ruined her life.

In a victim statement, the woman said she was on anti-depressants, and her suffering at the hands of Richard Varadi had left her scared of him; “it has devastated me,” she wrote to Fenland magistrates.

Varadi, 46, of Norwich Road, Wisbech, slapped his partner in the face on October 11, after they argued about her children.

As Varadi left, the woman followed and threw a child’s scooter at his car, the court heard from prosecutor Andrea Fawcett.

The next day the couple met in Wisbech town centre, and Varadi grabbed the woman’s arm and pulled her towards the car, said Ms Fawcett.

“He slapped her to the head and threatened her with more of the same,” she added.

When interviewed by police, Varadi said he had wanted to make his girlfriend’s life better, he had bought shoes for her children and given her money.

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Mitigating, solicitor John Clarke said Varadi had pulled the woman across to his car on October 12, but he did not slap her.

Varadi admitted two charges of assault. The court ordered a report and adjourned sentencing until November 23.