Enough is enough at perilous road junction on the A47 near Wisbech, say councillors

The A47 near Wisbech is closed following a serious collision.

The A47 near Wisbech is closed following a serious collision. - Credit: Archant

Road safety experts must bite the bullet at a perilous junction on the A47, a councillor has warned, after a motorcyclist died where flashing lights were installed as a cheaper fix than a roundabout.

The A47 near Wisbech is closed following a serious collision.

The A47 near Wisbech is closed following a serious collision. - Credit: Archant

A community plea to slow down traffic at the A47 Broadend junction with a roundabout fell on deaf ears two years ago and instead the flashing sign was put in place in 2015.

However, following the latest accident at the junction, two councillors say the sign is not good enough as it is positioned so it is too late for motorists to realise the danger.

They say the latest fatal crash is proof more needs to be done to protect people.

Councillor Mike Bucknor said: “This appears once again to be a sticky plaster to fix a much more serious problem.

“This junction is perilous. Our MPs were fully aware of the dangers.

“When are they going to learn that they need to ‘bite the bullet’ and invest now in this area?

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“The EU can’t be blamed this time, this is home grown ineptitude for sure.

“Steve Barclay, MP for North East Cambs, said neighbouring MP Liz Truss was assured safety work would be done before Christmas, but has not yet been undertaken - that was in December 2014.

“He also questioned the predicted cost of a roundabout scheme - the Highways Agency has estimated the roundabout will cost around £3 million, which Mr Barclay believes is high as a similar scheme on the A19/A63 in Yorkshire cost just £1.8 million.

“The point is, we ended up with an electronic warning sign which is sited very near the staggered junction of Broad End Road A47.

Viginia Bucknor added: “To show you the difference proper safety measures can make, when we campaigned about gypsy bends on the A1101 road from Wisbech to Long Sutton there had been five deaths and 32 serious incidents in five years from 2005 to 2010.

“Since the road was re-aligned and chevrons added in 2010 there have been no fatalities or serious accidents.

“That is proof that the community knows what is needed and what a difference the correct safety measures can make.

“The same listening needs to happen for the Broad End on the A47.

“It needs a roundabout. The decision makers need to listen to the people.”

The stretch of the road on the Norfolk and Cambridgeshire border was closed after a collision on Saturday (September 23), in which police later revealed a biker in his 30s - from the local area - died at the scene.

At about 11.19am, a white Ford Transit panel van and a white Yamaha motorbike were heading towards Wisbech when, close to the staggered crossroads near Broadend Road East, the motorbike was in collision with a grey BMW 520 travelling in the opposite direction.

• Officers from the Serious Collision Investigation Team (SCIT) are appealing for anyone who witnessed the collision or the manner of driving of any of the vehicles prior to it to contact them.

In particular, they would like to hear from the occupants of a van who stopped at the scene but drove off before emergency services arrived. Anyone with information should contact the SCIT on 101.