Up to 4,000 attend Wisbech Rock Festival with many praising organisers and looking forward to a repeat performance in 2017

Wisbech Rock Festival

Wisbech Rock Festival - Credit: Archant

Organisers estimated up to 4,000 people visited the Wisbech Rock Festival yesterday with crowds enjoying a brilliant summer day.

Wisbech town councillor Steve Tierney said: “The event was pulled off without a hitch. The music was great. Everybody seemed to leave in great spirits.”

He said: “Every year we pull out the stops and make Wisbech Rock Festival bigger and better. This year we did it again. Gawd knows how we’ll top this one next year.”

He paid tribute to fellow councillors Samantha Hoy and David Oliver and all those who worked hard to make it a success.

On social media dozens praised the event and also praised the town council for supporting it.

“A great day,” said one. “I appreciated all the effort that has gone into organising and funding the day. In tough financial times you have still manage to keep this going. “Well done to all involved from myself and my friends and extended family.”

Another described it as “an awesome day” and paid thanks to the organisers for making it possible.

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And a third said: “What a fantastic day for us all who attended. Roll on next year for when the Wisbech people all get together again.”

One other enthusiast described the occasion in a single word “epic”