Two-year ASBO for shoplifting Wisbech drunk who tried to head butt police car

MAGISTRATES have slapped a two-year anti-social behaviour order on a shoplifting Wisbech drunk who tried to head butt a police car.

Juris Dragancuks was banned from entering Wisbech Town Centre between 8am and 8pm after Peterborough Magistrates’ Court were presented with a catalogue of drunken incidents.

Dragancuks had repeatedly been abusive to members of the public, shop security staff and police.

On March 2 he had been “shouting and spitting before kicking and punching the side of a police van” and last October he had “tried to head butt the rear screen of a police car”.

Sergeant Dave Bax said: “The police are currently working to identify a persistent group of shoplifting drunks, who continue to consume alcohol in public spaces in Wisbech Town Centre.

“Dragancuks has been involved in a number of street drinking incidents. The incidents have also involved the theft of alcohol from shops.

“The police have made a link between these offences and a group of males who continued to be served alcohol by local off licences, and as such will be sharing their photographs to prevent sales of alcohol to persistent drunks, and prevent crime and disorder.

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“The public gatherings of this group have caused harassment, alarm and distress to many people using open spaces, and has included drunken and rowdy behaviour, public urination, and littering.”

The ASBO also bans Dragancuks from possessing an open container of alcohol in a public place and from associating with Zans Vasiluks in Wisbech.

Sgt Bax added: “If anyone sees Dragancuks drinking in the town centre they should contact the police immediately on 0345 456 4564.”