Town crier opens shop in Wisbech’s Horsefair Shopping Centre

THE official Town Crier for Banbury, Chipping Norton and Daventry Town Council opened a shop in Wisbech today.

Julian Graves’ store in the Horsefair Shopping Centre was opened by Anthony Church (BEM) of the Loyal Company of Town Criers.

Erbie Murat, Wisbech Town Clerk, said: “It was a pleasure to meet Anthony and to have a chat with him about his experiences in other towns.

“He travels a lot, in his job, and finds himself in a great many diverse and interesting places. He seemed genuinely to enjoy Wisbech and was particularly impressed with the beautiful floral displays around the town planted and managed by the ‘In Bloom’ volunteers to such wonderful effect again this year.”

Mr Church looked around the town and was pleased with the welcome that he received from Wisbech Town Council officers and members of the public.