Wisbech Town Council agrees motion calling for ‘no deal’ Brexit and expects local MP and Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay to support it

Cllr Steve Tierney (right) explaining to MP Steve Barclay some of the improvements last year to Wisb

Cllr Steve Tierney (right) explaining to MP Steve Barclay some of the improvements last year to Wisbech Castle. But will Mr Barclay take note of the motion put forward to the town council by Cllr Tierney for a 'no deal' Brexit? Picture; IAN CARTER - Credit: Archant

Wisbech Town Council agreed last night they would campaign for a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

And they say they expect their MP Steve Barclay, the Brexit Secretary, to support it.

The council agreed a motion from Cllr Steve Tierney describing as ‘catastrophic’ the decision to take ‘no deal’ off the table.

“The members of this council feel that Parliament is seeking to frustrate the Brexit process or to stop it entirely and Wisbech Town Council cannot sit idly by without speaking,” said Cllr Tierney in his motion.

“This council believes that taking ‘no deal’ off the table was a catastrophic error on the part of Parliament.”

Cllr Tierney won unanimous support for the motion which was the second time the council had debated Brexit since the referendum.

In 2016 Fenland had a turnout out 73.7 per cent, a total of 37,571 people and 71.4 per cent voted to leave.

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The motion accepted that as a local council it could have little or no influence at Westminster.

“Nevertheless, this council has a responsibility to represent the views of the majority of its constituents and to be a voice for them when it can,” said the motion.

“Wisbech Town Council feels that Parliament is making a mockery of the true ‘people’s vote’ that had already been held and won by the leave side.”

Cllr Tierney’s motion urged withdrawal from the EU immediately and without the need for European elections.

“The town council expects this to be the position of the Brexit Secretary, who is the town’s constituency MP, and it asks that Parliament and Government do what they pledged they would do and take the United Kingdom (UK) out of the European Union, cleanly and completely,” said the motion.

It would mean the UK “can begin its future as an independent participant in the wider community of the world”.

On his blog Cllr Tierney describes himself as a ‘free-marketer, a student of economics, martial artist and occasional political activist for the Conservatives’.

Last year he urged Theresa May to stand down as prime minister.

“We voted for Brexit, you said you would deliver it,” he wrote. “This sham you are trying to push through is not real Brexit.

“Please. Go now. Make way for a leader who has the ability, courage and desire to “deliver on the democratic will of the British people.

“It is nearly too late, but not quite. Yet. Do the right thing for party and country. Please.

“You may think it will be messy, and you are right. But not nearly as messy and damaging as if you hold on.”