Three people including a two-year-old girl have a lucky escape after car crashes through gardens sending debris flying in Ladys Drove Emneth


Three people including a two-year-old girl had a lucky escape on Sunday after a car crashed through three gardens sending debris flying into patio doors just feet from where they were sleeping.


Police were on the scene of the incident, which happened in Lady’s Drove off Hungate Road Emneth, at around 11.20pm, moments after the car came to rest embedded in a garden fence.

Hannah Amey, who was asleep in the living room of her grandmother’s home where she was staying after a family party, said: “We had just turned the television off a few minutes earlier and I was just dropping off when I heard tyres screeching and then an almighty thud of something hitting the patio windows.

“I quickly leapt out of bed grabbed my mobile to call the police and ran out into the garden to see what had happened. There was a car with its engine still running stuck in the fence and a police officer leaning in trying to turn it off.

“There was debris everywhere. The car had come off the road and gone through three gardens taking down a fence and a whole load of metal railings.

“Luckily it was a piece of wood that hit the patio doors and not one of the railings. My friend Katie and her daughter Alice, who is only two, were also sleeping in the living room and Alice was closest to the doors.

“The car could easily have come through the house wall if it had come off the road at a slightly different angle.

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“We were really shaken by what had happened. My grandmother was asleep upstairs and I told her to stay up there until I had found what had happened. Alice managed to sleep through it all,” said Hannah, who lives in Norwich.

Her mum Judith Amey said: “Hannah rang me straight away to say what had happened, I could hear she was really shaken up and panicky - but luckily no-one was hurt.”

The car, a Volvo V70 was abandoned by its occupants following the incident, and a police dog handler joined other officers in a search to locate them.

A spokesman for Norfolk police confirmed they attended the incident and said: “The car was abandoned when police arrived. It is believed two occupants de-camped from the vehicle, but they have not yet been located.”

Contact Norfolk police on 101.