Testing kits rolled out to crackdown on drivers using illegal fuel on Fenland roads

DRIVERS could have their vehicles crushed if they are caught using illegal fuel on Fenland roads as police clampdown on thefts.

Roadside fuel testing kits have been rolled out to more than half of Norfolk Constabulary’s response vehicles.

The kits, created with the help of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) Road Fuel Testing Unit, are able to identify red diesel and heating oil - which have become popular targets for criminals with fuel costs at an all time high.

Detective Sergeant Pete Jessop, from the Operation Radar team which specialises in fuel thefts, said: “The kits will give more officers the ability to quickly test vehicles suspected of using illegal fuel during routine stop checks.

“Illegal fuel is being used on our roads and we are committed to working with partner agencies in identifying and tackling offenders.

“Most of us pay for fuel at the pumps and with prices at a premium we are all victims when others try to use fuel that is either stolen or has less duty paid on it.

“Drivers using illegal fuel will be found out and these motorists will face financial penalties and could lose their vehicle.”

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Maddy Ratnett, from HMRC, said: “Those who use rebated fuels illegally are abusing a tax system, which is there to support and reduce the burden on UK industries such as agriculture.

“It isn’t about cheating the Government out of a few pounds; it’s about depriving our public services of vital funding.

“Anyone who knows of fuel misuse or suspicious activities should contact the HMRC Hotline on 0800 59 5000.”