Tesco customers left angry as struggle to get out of car park

TESCO customers are fuming after road works outside the Wisbech supermarket meant they couldn’t leave the car park.

A lane exiting the car park has been closed and the Cromwell Road is partially blocked, causing chaos on the Sandown Road supermarket’s second busiest day for trade. The work started earlier this morning and is expected to last several hours.

Photographer Brian Purdy was stuck for 10 minutes as he tried to get out. He said: “I had to force my way out. I could see people losing their temper.”

A Tesco employee said: “This is the fourth time this has happened this year. We would like the council to consult with us when to carry out this work.

“It would make more sense on Sundays, when the retail park is closed and would mean minimal disruption to our customers.”