Tesco announces plans to demolish Whittlesey Fire Station and build new store

SUPERMARKET giant Tesco has today revealed plans to build a store on the site of Whittlesey Fire Station. For several months the company has worked on a project to redevelop a site between High Causeway and Cemetery Road, including the land currently

TESCO’S plan for a store on the site of Whittlesey Fire Station may not be enough to make residents shop local, says the town’s mayor.

The company wants build a store between High Causeway and Cemetery Road, which includes the site of the fire station.

“We know that many people currently travel to Peterborough to do their weekly shop and we hope that our scheme will keep people shopping in Whittlesey,” said Nick Gellatly, Tesco corporate affairs manager.

But Councillor Derek Stebbing, the Mayor of Whittlesey, thinks a much larger store is needed.

“I don’t think it will stop people shopping outside of Whittlesey,” he said. “There is not enough room on that site to compete with stores in Peterborough, March or Wisbech.

“I want Whittlesey to be developed as a place to live, to work and to shop. At the moment, people live here but work and shop in Peterborough.”

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Public consultations are in the pipeline for the scheme, which will create 150 jobs.

Tesco will also fund a new fire station as part of the project and is working with Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service to find a suitable location.

Graham Stagg, chief fire officer, said: “We strive to seek value for money in all that we do and if we can get a new modern fire station built at no cost to us - and therefore no cost to the taxpayer - we will give serious consideration to any offer.

“In Whittlesey, providing any new location allows us to operate the same level of service to the people of Whittlesey and surrounding area, we would agree to the move.”