Sweet new arrivals at Fenland farm park are the first triplets to be born there

MEET Minto, Polo and Peppermint, the sweetest and newest arrivals at Woodhouse Farm Park in Friday Bridge.

The lambs are the first triplets to be born at the farm park to the delight of owners Sam and kim Flint.

The unexpected and early arrival of the two girls and a boy a week ago meant mum, Rosebud, has been unable to feed them. However, the Flint family and farm park manager Lea Butler, have come to the rescue with four hourly bottle feeds.

Mrs Flint said: “Triplets are unusual and because they were born early they are lucky to have survived.”

Although she has been unable to produce milk for her lambs, Rosebud is being a good mother. Lea said: “She has been licking them, keeping them warm and looking after them.”

The arrivals are being joined this weekend by 15 orphan lambs from the local area which will also need four hourly feeds. With another 30 ewes at the farm park there is a busy time ahead.

The farm park is open Friday to Sunday until the Easter holidays.