Students rev up for College of West Anglia motor vehicle course

FUTURE Fenland mechanics got a taste for the trade at a College of West Anglia open day.

COW’s Isle campus hosted a day with industry suppliers and employers from the motor vehicle and motorsport sector.

Potential students were given a range of demonstrations and had the chance to take part in interactive activities so they could get a full flavour of how the course works.

Lecturer and course organiser Bob Whally said the programme was becoming increasingly important given people’s reliance on the car.

“The industry is not very well policed and anyone can set up a business in a garage,” he said.

“This course is designed to give young people the skills they need to run a business, including the health and safety side of things.”

He added that the practical open day was a better way to show youngsters the content of the course because “they get to know the staff and they get to see what they would be doing on the course”.

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