Students at CWA Wisbech shine in ‘Dragon’s Den’ style project

Staff and students on the Dragon's Den day

Staff and students on the Dragon's Den day - Credit: Archant

Students at the College of West Anglia’s Wisbech campus took part in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style project.

The pupils were given the initiative in January, with three months to work on a presentation as part of Anglian Water’s @one Alliance scheme.

The class of students were then divided into teams of up to five and worked together to answer the following questions: what’s next for construction? In 2025 what will be different? And, how will it impact the way you work?

The groups then gave feedback and presented their vision in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ setting.

The creative and advanced ideas presented from each team varied from virtual working, to virtual reality house building, to renewable resources, to an Anglian Water Construction School.

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