Stop this now! Petition calls for zero tolerance to street drinking in Wisbech

Petition for a street drinking ban in Wisbech

Petition for a street drinking ban in Wisbech - Credit: Archant

A petition has been launched for a zero tolerance approach to street drinking in Wisbech town centre where people say they have become frightened to walk through certain parks, church yards and streets.

Within 24 hours the petition has gathered more than 900 signatures after it was launched on a Facebook page by resident James Cook.

The petition says: “Wisbech is blighted with drunken behaviour,” and calls for: “an absolute zero tolerance policy to drunk and disorderly behaviour, a drinking ban supported by a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) or similar legislation, across the whole town, fines, ASBO’s or similar banning orders for repeat offenders.

“A review of the alcohol licenses currently active within the town, including a number of takeaway outlets reportedly selling alcohol from 2pm-3am in some cases.”

It is also calling for a commitment from the Police and Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite and MP Steve Barclay to “adequately fight to resource Wisbech appropriately to cope with all measures”.

The petition adds: “A large number of citizens have expressed they are frightened to use certain hot spots in the town, such as Tillery Park and St Peters Gardens and some claim to avoid the town centre all together.

“There is no point continuing with further economic development of the town if this, one of its core social problems, is not tackled head on. “This should include support for rehabilitation and homelessness.”

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The petition was launched following a debate on a post by a woman who said she felt disgusted seeing St Peters garden full of drunks - 11 in one group, four in another.

She said: “They were drinking rum and coke, shouting and staggering about, one had passed out on the grass.

“My friend called police, a PCSO turned up on a bike, had a word with them and went, and they carried on drinking, so nothing done.

“We walked into the gardens and took the time to talk to the gardeners who do a good job of making the park lovely, what they remove from there would make you sick, it stinks of urine and other things.

“Nobody can walk their children. The place is a disgrace, police and council do something, and this town is going nowhere downhill. Wisbech was once a lovely market town.”

Another said they lived in the Crescent and every night people were in the gardens drinking, urinating, and being noisy.

One woman, however, said: “The resources are not out there - not once have I ever seen anyone from the few alcohol support group in the area engaging with these people.

“Cities have lots of things available to help and support those in need but it is perceived that small towns don’t have a problem, therefore there are not the facilities to help.”

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