MP tells incinerator boss application littered with 'inconsistencies'

MP Steve Barclay in Wisbech

MP Steve Barclay chats with some of the WisWIN campaign group as he arrives at the Rosmini Centre, Wisbech, to present a petition against the mega incinerator proposed for Wisbech. - Credit: Peter Freeman

MP Steve Barclay greeted the boss of a firm planning a £300m incinerator for Wisbech with a 77-page, 3,000 signature petition before telling him his application was littered with “inconsistencies”. 

Mr Barclay arrived at the Rosmini Centre, Wisbech, on Saturday to hand the petition to Paul Carey, managing director of MVV Environment.  

With the company inside showing residents details of their proposals, Mr Barclay chatted outside with anti-incinerator protestors before going in.  

It was the latest demonstration by Wisbech Without Incineration (WisWIN) who had staged protests outside all venues chosen by MVV for public exhibitions throughout the week. 

WisWIN spokesperson Ginny Bucknor – whose group now has 2,800 members – said turnout was “really good. 

“Folks could be by the beach or in the garden enjoying this sunshine but the campaign team and several other people - and it was wonderful to see several children with their parents too- came to show their objection”. 

She said her group was “pleased that our MP talked about his concerns and answered questions from the team.” 

WisWIN protestors at Wisbech St Mary.

WisWIN protestors at Wisbech St Mary. - Credit: WisWIN

MP Steve Barclay (Left) and Paul Carey of MVV Environment (right)

MP Steve Barclay (Left) hands over a petition of 3,000 signatures opposing proposals for a mega incinerator in Wisbech to Paul Carey, managing director of MVV Environment (right). - Credit: MP Steve Barclay

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Mr Barclay described his meeting with MVV as “part of our campaign against this completely unsuitable development”. 

The consultation so far had left “a host of questions unanswered”. 

He had quizzed Mr Carey about “some of the inconsistencies in their application”. 

The MP added: “Their responses were underwhelming.”  

There were concerns about site selection, incinerator design and its environmental impact. 

“I also heard from numerous residents who I would like to thank for coming out to register their opposition,” he said. 

“I will continue to fight for constituents against this mega incinerator and know it is causing much worry to residents and businesses in the area.” 

Public exhibitions, which are part of the statutory consultation, began last will continue until Thursday (July 22) at different venues in Wisbech and the surrounding villages. 

MP Steve Barclay and Paul Carey of MVV

MP Steve Barclay (left) discussing the mega incinerator proposals with Paul Carey, managing director of MVV Environment (right). - Credit: MP Steve Barclay

WisWIN protestors

"No mega incinerator in Wisbech" was the message from WisWIN campaigners who staged protests outside every public exhibition. - Credit: Peter Freeman

Many have raised concerns about the congestion expected to be created by another 300 extra lorries travelling to and from the site. 

Wisbech Town Council says Swann Edwards architects will be their planning agent against the incinerator proposals.  

MP Steve BArclay outside the Rosmini Centre

MP Steve Barclay talks to WisWIN protestors outside the proposed incinerator exhibition at the Rosmini Centre in Wisbech on Saturday (July 17). - Credit: Peter Freeman

The company has offered their services for free “because they completely support our campaign to oppose this mega-incinerator. 

“The town council have money budgeted to pay for additional advice and support specialists and potentially a legal team if necessary. 

MP Steve Barclay with WisWIN campaigners at Wisbech

MP Steve Barclay with WisWIN campaigners at Wisbech - Credit: Peter Freeman

“Swann Edwards have provided advice on which experts might be brought into the campaign when we need them.”