Sometimes you can gain pounds by losing them!

A HEALTHY eating challenge to a group of Wisbech residents has ended with cash awards to some of the biggest losers!

The second Wisbech Arriba! Community weight loss challenge finished with three ‘biggest losers’ winning �200. The challenge is a 12 week course that helps participants lose weight safely by learning about the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Cash prizes are given out on the final night to the three people who have lost the most weight, body fat and inches.

Each week an Arriba! Wellness Coach is on hand to give guidance on a one to one basis.

Participants are weighed using full body analysis scales and the results are then explained, followed by an informal group coaching session on different topics - questions and discussions are welcome.

Anyone trying to lose weight or looking for help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, who is interested in the Arriba! Wellness club’s Community Weight Loss Challenge can register by calling 01945 582814 or texting REGISTER to 07780 508266

As part of the expanding club, an Arriba! coach is available to talk to any local groups or clubs about how a healthy lifestyle can lead to sustainable weight loss.

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Call 01945 582814 or text ROADSHOW to 07780 508266