Football club reunion bids to bring good times back to Barry

Soham Tigers FC squad 1973-74

Mark Goldsack is planning a reunion for his father Barry, who helped form Soham Tigers FC. Pictured is the Tigers squad from around the 1973-74 season. - Credit: Supplied/Mark Goldsack

A chairman is hoping a reunion planned for his father who was diagnosed with vascular dementia can bring back happy memories of one of Soham’s past football clubs. 

Barry Goldsack helped form Soham Tigers FC in the early 1970s and adopted several roles, from clearing cowpat off the pitch to coaching, during his time at the club. 

His son Mark said: “The reason I’m organising a reunion now is my dad is 82-years-old and was diagnosed with vascular dementia last autumn.  

“Showing pictures of those boys, he can recall those teams, so I thought now is the time to do something before his health declines.” 

Soham Tigers only boasted one under 13s team during their existence, which was for around 15 to 16 years, and mainly played in the Newmarket & District Football League. 

Barry helped run the team, which featured the likes of ex-Ipswich Town goalkeeper Paul Overton and former Luton Town striker Andy Pearson. 

“In one season, I think we scored about 112 goals and Andy got 95 of them,” said Mark. 

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Another memory that stood out for Mark was when Barry was chosen to select a league representative team. 

“He picked two central defenders from Soham - Shaun Kelly and Ian Newman,” he said.  

“Dad got a phone call to say ‘you’ve picked the wrong player’ and he said ‘in my opinion, Ian is much better than your son’.  

“That boy who missed out was Gary Stevens, who went to the World Cup in Mexico with England and Ian became a roofer.” 

Soham Tigers FC 1972-73

Soham Tigers FC pictured in the 1970s. The club only ran one under 13s team throughout its existence. - Credit: Supplied/Mark Goldsack

Mark, chairman at Soham Town Rangers FC, has already spoken to some former players ahead of the event at the club’s Julius Martin Lane ground on February 19, 7pm

He hopes that by holding a reunion for his father, who used to play for Soham Town and Fordham, it can also bring a smile to his and other people’s faces. 

“My biggest fear is it could be an emotional night for me in the presence of people he may not have seen for about 40-50 years,” Mark added. 

“The respect those men have for my dad is humbling.”   

Anyone who had a connection with Soham Tigers FC are invited to attend.