Pensioner spots large seal in Wisbech river swimming under town bridge after thinking it was ‘a drowning dog’


A man has snapped a large dark grey seal swimming through the Wisbech river, under the town’s crossing bridge this afternoon.


Peter Roughsedge originally thought it was a dog drowning in the river but quickly realised it was in fact a large seal paying the town a visit.

Peter, who has lived in Wisbech for 14 years, says he has seen thousands of seals in his lifetime, but never one in Wisbech.

He said: “I was just coming back from getting my haircut after I spotted it in the river. I went back to my flat to grab the camera.

“Luckily he was still there when I got back. I managed to get him as he was swimming back out into the wash.”

On-lookers watched as the seal headed under the bridge with a large flat fish in his mouth at around 1.20pm this afternoon (January 4).

Peter added: “I know it might not be that rare but I’ve just never seen a seal this far upriver before. He headed out to Freedom Bridge.”

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