Salvation Army relaunch hot meals for homeless

Salvation Army Wisbech project volunteers

Church leader Liam Beattie (second from left) with volunteers at the Salvation Army's Wisbech branch have launched a hot meal provision service for homeless and vulnerable people. - Credit: Facebook/Salvation Army Wisbech

The Salvation Army has stepped in to continue with volunteers to provide hot meals for the homeless and needy.  

Wisbech corps officer Liam Beattie says the church will do “everything in our power” to help better the lives of homeless and vulnerable people. 

The Salvation Army made the commitment after it relaunched the hot meal service. 

“The reason for this is we wanted to continue with the project,” said Mr Beattie.  

“We want to try and meet the needs of the community, and for us, this is vitally important.” 

In March, the Salvation Army began a partnership with 50/50 Vision led by Simon ‘Spike’ Crowson to provide hot meals and support to homeless people and rough sleepers. 

A few weeks ago Mr Crowson suddenly announced he was stepping aside.

However the Salvation Army has now agreed to continue with the project. 

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“We acknowledge what Spike has put into this and we are very thankful for the work he has done,” Liam said. 

“We wanted this to continue and so we made it our mission.” 

Around nine volunteers help out at the Salvation Army two nights a week, serving hot meals as well as fruit for those that drop by the centre on John Thompson Road. 

Liam is planning to have monthly reviews of the service as he hopes to grow its awareness within the town and surrounding areas. 

“It has been crucial to keep the team together,” he said. 

“We want to increase the number of people that we serve, but we have to see what's realistic with the resources we have as if it's not realistic, it won't happen.

“The long-term aim is we want to help our clients move on with their lives and move onto those better lives.” 

Liam is hoping to get Fenland District Council and charity Change Grow Live, which provides an alcohol and rehabilitation service, on board. 

With this partnership, he believes the Salvation Army can act as “a pillar for the community. 

“We want to be that source of support for homeless and vulnerable people,” he added. 

“We will do everything in our power to better their lives. If we are sustainable in our outreach, I think we can be successful.”