Salvation Army in Wisbech hold alternative Halloween fun day

THE Salvation Army held a family fun day to reach out to the community and alternative ways to celebrate Halloween.

Children in Wisbech made lighthouses and glitter globes to celebrate the end of the harvest and the light aspects to the day. Puppets also entertained the children who carved smiles into pumpkins and made happy masks on Saturday, October 29.

Clare Kinsey, who organised the event, said: “We just wanted to show an alternative way to celebrate Halloween as we at the church don’t celebrate the witches and ghosts.

“We celebrate the end of the harvest and the beginning of the winter and the good things in life.

“It was really to show there’s another aspect to Halloween that people don’t and to allow them to choose how to celebrate Halloween.

“Tonight I will be hosting trick or treaters but will telling them about the pumpkin parable and showing off my pumpkin with a smile and triangular eyes to represent the Holy Trinity.”

A cafe sold drinks, snacks a speciality cream tea as children played on the jungle gym play area with ball pits and slides.