RSPCA urge public to be careful with barbed wire after hedgehog is trapped for days

A hedgehog was put to sleep after it became trapped in barbed wire for days in Yaxley.

A hedgehog was put to sleep after it became trapped in barbed wire for days in Yaxley. - Credit: Archant

The RSPCA is asking people to be more careful with how they use barbed wire after a hedgehog was trapped in fencing for so long that half his body ‘died.’

The tiny mammal was found by a member of the public trapped between the steel strands in the barbed wire fencing in Yaxley on February 10.

It is thought the hedgehog had tried to climb through a hole in fencing, where there was a makeshift repair of barbed wire, and became stuck.

But when it tried to wriggle itself free the wire only tightened its grip.

RSPCA animal collection officer Amy Reiter said: “The poor little mite must have been trapped there for days when we found him.

“It looks as though he had been trying to crawl through the hole that was left and got one of his back legs trapped. Then when he tried to struggle free it just made the wire tighter and got him more entangled. It is one of the worst injuries I have seen. His back legs and his stomach had completely gone. They were rotten.

“It was so distressing and I had to cut him free before I could do anything to help him.

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“It was so awful to see him suffering and in so much pain. Sadly once I had been able to cut him free I took him to a nearby vets to be put to sleep.”

The charity is now appealing for members of the public to take more care when repairing fencing and urging them not to use barbed wire where animals may become trapped and suffer.

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