Rosmini manager ‘won’t be bullied into putting lives at risk’ as her staff face the wrath of those not able to get in for NHS meeting

Anita Grodkiewicz, manager of the Rosmini Centre

Anita Grodkiewicz, manager of the Rosmini Centre - Credit: Archant

Rosmini Centre manager Anita Grodkiewicz says she “won’t be bullied into putting lives at risk” after her staff were besieged by angry people prevented from getting into a public meeting on health cuts.

NHS meeting in Wisbech to discuss the future of the MIU at North Cambs Hospital

NHS meeting in Wisbech to discuss the future of the MIU at North Cambs Hospital - Credit: Archant

The Wisbech centre was chosen by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group for the latest in a series of meetings called to discuss the future of minor injuries units.

As with a meeting earlier last week in Doddington, the number wanting to get far outweighed the available space.

Many were turned away even before last Thursday’s meeting had started because the hall was full and even MP Stephen Barclay had trouble finding a seat.

Ms Grodkiewick posted on Facebook her thanks to staff and volunteers “for dealing with a situation that was not of their choosing.

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“Most people will be aware that as a community centre we are restricted to the numbers of people using the building at any given time (fire regulations and health & safety). “

She added: “We always inform people who hire a room or hall what those numbers are prior to their event.

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“Whilst it was very positive to see so many people show up for the consultation I don’t think shouting at staff and volunteers on duty and demands to phone fire and rescue (to confirm fire regulations) was acceptable.”

She said: “Had there been a breach of health and safety those very people would have been the first to accuse us of negligence!

“I would just like to reassure those people who use our premises on a regular basis, we will continue to comply with legislation regarding health and safety and fire regulations and won’t be bullied into putting lives at risk.”]

Health chiefs have now arranged additional meetings to consult on proposals for health provision in Wisbech and the Fens.

One post agreed saying that “the emotive issue of the hospitals services is not the fault of the volunteers at the Rosmini.

“What a terrible way to treat the volunteers and what does this say about the people of this town. It’s okay to treat people this way because we are upset?

Another wrote: “ Obviously the totally wrong venue was chose to host the event.

“Someone should have done their homework beforehand.”

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