Road rage victim hit with baseball bat after being chased through Elm and Wisbech -police appeal for information

Police hunt road rage attacked after baseball incident in Wisbech

Police hunt road rage attacked after baseball incident in Wisbech - Credit: Archant

A young motorist was chased, stopped and smashed over the head with a baseball bat after a road rage incident in the Elm area on Saturday.

A police spokesman said they were appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the assault.

The young driver – whose identity is being withheld- had accidentally reversed into a dark green Golf.

His mother said the “minor tap” which could easily have been resolved with an exchange of details for insurance purposes, ended with horrific consequence.

The mum said her son locked the doors and went to drive off but his wing mirror was hit by the other driver with his baseball bat.

“The chase continued until my son got out of the car after they blocked his path to meet an onslaught of blows with the baseball bat to the head,” she said.

He later received medical attention but she is hoping he will be okay.

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She has posted to Facebook part of what she believes was the registration number of the other car.

“Please help us find the police with any information on this GBH” she said.

Others believe they have had other experiences of the offending motorist.

“Same car cut my step daughter and her boyfriend up on the Churchill Road this afternoon,” wrote one man. “Cut in front of them doing around 60mph and turned into Elm Low Road from the dual carriageway where the Flower pot pub used to be.”

Another woman said she was returning to March on the back road leading to Elm High Road/

“A car came towards us on the wrong side of the road; had this been at the right time, I would have thought this person was trying to get away but it occurred later in the day.”

Another motorist wrote: “This same car forced me off the road about a week ago, I almost hit a tree.”

The police spokesman said anyone with information should call 101 and quote CF0318960716