Ricki bags a gold as Fenland students get UK Maths Challenge awards

STUDENTS at a Fenland school have bagged a series of awards in the prestigious UK Maths Challenge.

Teenagers at Thomas Clarkson Community College picked up awards in the competition, which was entered by 200,000 students this year.

Members of years nine, 10 and 11 sat exams with 25 questions with winners awarded bronze, silver and gold medals.

Gold winners are put through to the next round - titled “The Grey European Kangaroo” with only 5,500 students making it through to this stage.

Ricki Tura, from year nine, is one of the chosen few to take this second stage. He sat the exam earlier this month and is eagerly waiting for his results.

Rachel Hannibal, maths co-ordinator for Aim Higher, said: “This achievement is one for the whole college to be proud of because unlike other schools who may have special maths clubs to gear students up for the challenge, we have proved that our teaching is good enough in our normal lessons to support our students to this level of success.”

Principal Maureen Strudwick said: “This is a fantastic achievement that proves how able and dedicated our students can be. I am very proud of all the winners, but particularly so of Ricki and his gold and wish him every success in the next stage.” Full list of winners from Thomas Clarkson:

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Bronze: Luke Green, George Peart, Hannah Bolden, Mitchell Berry and Ryan Rose (year 11) Dylan Hill and Zack Vantongron (Year 10) Ryan Roberts and Akshay Kishor (Year 9)

Silver: Aaron Grimmer and Dominic Airoll (Year 11); Red Vaughan (Year 10)

Gold: Ricki Tura (Year 9)