Barclay’s constituents in NE Cambs give a cool response to Brexit petition - but for Lucy Frazer in SE Cambs an altogether more lively take up

Five times as many people in the constituency of SE Cambs Lucy Frazer (left) have signed the revoke

Five times as many people in the constituency of SE Cambs Lucy Frazer (left) have signed the revoke Article 50 petition than in that of Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay. Picture; ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

Fenland has snubbed calls for the Prime Minister to revoke Article 50 – the procedure by which we will leave the European Union – with only 1.41 per cent of the electorate signing the on line petition which today passed the three million mark.

South East Cambridgeshire on the other hand has been more active and enthusiastic where 5.3 per cent of the electorate have already put their names to the petition.

In numbers that means just 1,178 of the voters in the NE Cambs constituency of Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay opted to sign the petition to try and persuade Theresa May to change her mind.

But in SE Cambs where MP Lucy Frazer backed the Remain campaign but is now an ardent Brexiteer those signing the petition topped 4,400.

The results reflect in some ways voting in the 2016 referendum where in Fenland 71..4 per cent of the electorate voted to leave whilst in SE Cambs the result was more even with 50.9 per cent voting leave, 49.1 per cent voting to remain.

Ms Frazer had said after the referendum that she was disappointed David Cameron opted to quit once the result was known but praised him for honouring the decision to call a referendum,

Mr Barclay has hardly spoken to the media this week about what’s happening over Brexit but a week ago prompted puzzlement after speaking in favour of the Prime Minister’s proposal for a delayed Brexit but then voting against it.

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He told the BBC: “We need a deal, we need to get that over the line, but if we don’t have a deal then we should leave with no deal.”

Pressure group Ely for Europe today urged Mrs Frazer to take note of the petition and that large numbers “want to stop Brexit more than ever”.