REVIEW: Friend Request is a creepy college horror for the YouTube generation

Friend Request

Friend Request - Credit: Archant

**** In a similar vein to ‘Unfriended’s paranormal influences in 2014, it’s a tale that presents the dark side of social media.

There’s a lot of self-gratification: flicking through filters and showing only your best side online.

But there’s one problem for protagonist Laura: the creepy girl from class with no Facebook friends really wants to be her best mete.

And as it happens she’s a really talented sketcher, so Laura accepts because, well... “maybe she’s lonely”.

Studying internet addiction disorder for class, the premise allows for freaky dreams and stalker activity by the bucketload: messages every minute and liking old pictures.

Scroll down just a but further and the nightmare becomes a reality, though Laura’s “just trying to be nice”.

As tons of smiley selfies surface over social media, Mae Ra is shown to feel increasingly isolated before eventually hanging and burning herself alive. Much loved student Gustavo later meets a horrific end, with the video of his death being shared on Laura’s Facebook account - undeletably as you might guess. Grieving Isabella is next, dying strangely in hospital after a pool of blood appears beneath her and a swarm of black bees arrive. “Why is everyone around you dying?” posts keep cropping up as the group keep trying - and failing - to delete their Facebook accounts in fear of being the demon’s next victim.

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It’s all about the ups and downs of social media - quite literally, as Laura’s friend count rapidly drops to tens rather than nearly 1,000. Bleary eyed and having clearly watched ‘The Blair Witch Project’ Koby and Laura travel to the creepy remains of a burnt down house: there they go underground and into the basement in search of more answers...

Creepy and genuinely scary - it’s one of this year’s better horrors without doubt.