REVIEW: Dirty Dancing – The Ultimate Tribute Show is full of feel-good flirty routines and nostalgic singalongs

A Night of Dirty Dancing – The Ultimate Tribute Show

A Night of Dirty Dancing – The Ultimate Tribute Show - Credit: Archant

Raunchy routines and saucy sing-alongs make up this Dirty Dancing tribute show - but the story itself is a little underdeveloped.

If you’re expecting to experience a re-telling of the whole story, it’s not quite that. More like little snippets of the plot.

Though the dancing was spot on - brilliantly choreographed and flirtatious - and I couldn’t fault the vocal performances or costumes, there seemed to be a lot of holes left in the storytelling.

That said, it didn’t stop hundreds of middle-aged women - clearly there for a raunchy girls night out - getting up off their seats singing along and screaming every time one of the male characters showed a bit of flesh.

Cheesy and slightly cringe-worthy at times, but there’s no denying Dirty Dancing - The Ultimate Tribute Show makes for a night of feel good flirty fun.

Just make sure you have a few drinks beforehand, then you’ll enjoy it that bit more (especially if you’re a boyfriend/husband that has been dragged along).

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