Results from the Parson Drove Horse Show

Parson Drove Horse Show THE 33rd Parson Drove Horse Show, held at the playing field, raised £2,400 for village amenities. The show was organised by Jon Rose, June Ros, Thora Jarvie and Chris Bennett. Results: 1 Dressage test no 7, Parson Drove Players Shi

Parson Drove Horse Show

THE 33rd Parson Drove Horse Show, held at the playing field, raised £2,400 for village amenities. The show was organised by Jon Rose, June Ros, Thora Jarvie and Chris Bennett. Results: 1 Dressage test no 7, Parson Drove Players Shield, 1 Ivor Collier (Allaeus), 2 Jordan Kaal (Grand Scam); dressage test no 10, 13-18 years, Bernard Hunt Rose Bowl, 1 Ivor Collier(Allaeus), 2 Rebecca Knight (Sam); first pony (leading rein), Dick Foster Challenge Shield, 1 Emilia Burrill (La La), 2 Katie Young (Horselode Angus); in hand coloured, 13-18 years, Bailey Trophey, 1 Janet Stewart (Autumn Colours), 2 Jane Nanson (Nocona Salado); condition in hand, up to 8 years, Roly Vialls Trophy, 1 Sophie Young (Horselode Angus), 2 Jane Papworth (Pilgrims Amulet); condition in hand, 9 years and over, Andrew and Susan Shield, 1 Amy Magnus (Cosford Melon), 2 Sue Cuthbert (Graeme of Forglen); ridden coloured, Costins Farm Salver, 1 Janet Stewart (Autumn Colours), 2 Zoe Bennett (Samson VI); young handler in hand, 12 years and under, Hayward Martin Trophy, 1 Sophie Young (Horselode Angus), 2 Lauren McLellon (Marsh Maiden); young handler in hand, 13-18 years, Hayward Martin Trophy, 1 Chelsea Richardson (Marsh Warrier), 2 Poppy Walker (My Boy Murphy); total horse care award turnout, Florida Trophy, 1 Genna Gaughran (Meadowbond De Downeigh), 2 Chelsea Richardson (Princess Full of Grace); native turnout open, Mrs G Capon Shield, 1 Sophie Young (Horselode Angus), 2 Annette Perry (Donemors Glow Fieddich); best turnout in hand, 1 Susan Palmer (Tonto VIII), 2 Sue Cuthbert (Graham of Forglen); best rider 8 years and under, leading rein, A T Brundle Trophy, 1 Charlotte Welan (Wye Valley Star), 2 Kirsty Sanderson (Waith with Cool Cola); best rider 11 years and under, Bob Aveling Shield, 1 Victoria Bennett (Samson III), 2 Charlotte Saunderson (Newhouses Ated); junior best rider, 16 years and under, Peter Barnes Shield, 1 Rebecca Knight (Touch of Class), 2 Amy Edwards (Sassi); senior best rider, 17 years and over, Peter Mead Cup, 1 Zoe Bennett (Samson III), 2 Debs Baker (Feramore Request); local showing (ridden), A Nicoles Trophy, 1 K Hannah (Caleux Rossaud), 2 Chelsea Pearson (Byrony); championship classes, KJS Trophy, champion Zoe Bennett (Samson III); Shetland open, Beckett Trophy, 1 Harriet Oram (Alltygraig Ainsley), 2 Roy McKenna (Yornas Darkman); M&M small in hand, Wheelers Cup, 1 G M Barrett (Horselode Othello), 2 Harold Horeman (Alltygraig Ainsley); M&M Welsh A&B in hand, Gold Column Trophy, 1 Joe Spratt (Bendake Quartermaster), 2 Amy Magnus (Cosford Melon Flower); M&M Welsh C&D in hand, Tawn Trophy, 1 T A Hall (Fronarth Renaldo), 2 Susan Palmer (Tonto the 8th); M&M large in hand, Cobria Trophy, 1 Amanda Gaughan (Hawkhill Touch of Frost), 2 Jane Papworth (Pilgrims Amulet); championship Mountain and Moorland in hand, Horselode & Templedene Shield, champion T A Hall (Fronarth Ronaldo), reserve champion T Stevens (Brysmith Dosedon Spirit); leading rein M&M, Viv Snushall Shield, 1 Kashia Bhogal (Millhouse Diamond Ice), 2 Amy Magnus (Cosford Melon Flower); M&M small ridden, Hilda Broadhead Shield, 1 Annette Perry (Dunsmore Glenfiddich), 2 Poppy Foley (Minsterley Kirk); M&M large ridden, Tan Rose Shield, 1 Charlotte Hobday (Tybandol Breninin Siarl), 2 Korinder Bhogal (Estoro Mandate); Mountain and Moorland championship ridden, Walton Shield, champion Charlotte Hobday (Tybandol Breninin Siarl), reserve Korinder Bhogal (Estoro Mandate); small junior open pony, Wendy Moore Trophy, 1 Maddison Colbert (Fire Fox), 2 Victoria Spicer (Inka); 13.2 & under, Sam Broker Trophy, 1 Victoria Spicer (Inka), 2 Fiona Wales (Newtown Lass) 14.2 & under, Tara Evens Trophy, 1 Emma Message (Barfords Colleen), 2 Fiona Wales (Squizzy Whiz); open pony, 1 Emma Message (Barford Coleen), 2 Rupert Hope (Ginger); small open horse, Dick Foster Shield, 1 Emily Sanderson (Miss Goldsmith), 2 Amanda Thornley (Irish Warrior); intermediate horse, Derek Tibbs Trophy, 1 Cathy Gilbert (Marmite), 2 Amanda Thornley (Irish Warrior); open horse trophy, Ken Ward Memorial Trophy, 1 Lisa Moore (Mr Sox), 2 Angela Hardy (Highland Prince); best mane and tail, 1 Oliver Hyland (Jeffery Izzy), 2 Edward Jackson (Teddy); prettiest face, Pollington Trophy, 1 Connie Taylor (Blaze), 2 Edward Jackson (Teddy); horse judge would like to take home, Tom Colman Cup, 1 Penny Gladwin (Casper), 2 Katie Holland (Dess Delight), fancy dress, 1 Katrina Youlton; joint 2 Freya Cods and Harry Jackson; mounted fancy dress, Josdan Kennels Trophy, 1 Katrina Youlton. Gymkhana final results, leading rein 8 years and under, A T Jarvis Trophy 1 Abigail Hyland (Jeffery Lizzy), 2 Courtney Wales (Rosie); 9 years and under off leading rein, Jim May Ceramic Tiling Trophy, 1 Amy Taylor (Rosie), 2 Ellie Lawrance (Sparky); 10-12 years, R Elsagood Shield, 1 Karrina Youlton (Bell), 2 Rosie Smith (Beyy); 13-15 years, Tibbs Coaches Trophy, 1 S Stebbings (Nutmeg), 2 Cassy Moorland (Polly); 16 years and over, Collins Trophy, 1 Dena Cooper (Mo), 2 Siglane Allagrsi (Booney); open, Swan Trophy, 1 Siddan Stebbings (Nutmeg), 2 Kate Holland (Deodelight); tiny tots final result, Iris Rose Memorial Trophy, 1 Lee Barns (Kizzy Wizzy), 2 Jessica Reed (Piscey).

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