Residents to ask council to prioritise fight against fly-tipping in Fenland

RESIDENTS will ask Fenland District Council to prioritise a fight against illegally dumped rubbish after a series of fly-tipping at a Wisbech hotspot.

A complaint was made to the ShapeYourPlace website that an alley at the back of Sybil Road was full of rubbish and whilst it was a regularly cleared, it was an ongoing problem.

County Councillor Samantha Hoy, who lives on Sybil Road, said: “We do get a lot of fly-tipping around this area but Fenland District Council do a good job of getting rid of it, normally within 24 hours.

“I haven’t seen anyone discarding any rubbish but I have to deal with the aftermath. If anyone does see it happening I would ask them to report it to the police, the council or me and we will get it sorted.

“Our area is on a main route but can be quite quiet which is why we have a problem here. I sorted out the street lighting which has had a positive effect on the amount of litter but I will be asking the council to make targeting fly-tippers a priority.”

A council spokesman said: “We have had no reports of any significant increase in fly-tipping in or around Sybil Road and Eastfield Way.

“We’ve been to investigate and there was some litter in the alleyway at the back of Sybil Road, which we have dealt with.”

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The complainant said: “Whilst a great many of us take a pride in our surrounding. There is a small group who seem they can just dump their rubbish anywhere.”

The latest spate of fly-tipping comes after the district council admitted earlier this year it had not prosecuted anyone of illegally disposing of rubbish.