Pets saved in horrific rescue start to be rehomed

Pets rescued by Ravenswood Pet Rescue

The pets saved in horrific rescue by Wisbech-based Ravenswood Pet Rescue are starting to be rehomed. - Credit: Ravenswood Pet Rescue

The nine pets found in a terrible condition after their owner died have started to be rehomed.

Ravenswood Pet Rescue, based in Wisbech, saved eight dogs, two of which were barely alive, and one cat in May.

They were found alongside 26 other dogs which had already died.

The charity posts regular updates on the rescued animals – known as the “Miracle 9” - on its Facebook page and has recently revealed some are now happily settling in their “forever homes”.

Mr and Mrs Chi-hoo Pincher

Ravenswood Pet Rescue would like Mr and Mrs Chi-hoo Pincher to be rehomed together. - Credit: Ravenswood Pet Rescue on Facebbook

In one of their most recent posts, they said two of the rescues had made “the most amazing recovery and are now ready for their new home together”.

They are called Mr and Mrs Chi-hoo Pincher and the charity insist the pair cannot be separated.

Mr and Mrs Chi-hoo Pincher

Mr and Mrs Chi-hoo Pincher are now looking for a more permanent home. - Credit: Ravenswood Pet Rescue on Facebbook

Both are around two years old and can live with cats. The female is a miniature pincher and the male is a chihuahua cross mini pincher.

A spokesperson said: “They adore each other and they are good with other dogs, but we feel after their horrendous ordeal we want them to be the only dogs in the home.

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“Mrs Chi is much more outgoing than her husband, but they both adore cuddles, and mooching around the garden. They love their toys too.”

Another of the “Miracle 9” was Mr Ralph who was the most unwell in the group and had to have an eye removed after the rescue at Trio Vets in Chatteris.

Mr Ralph

Mr Ralph had to have an eye removed after he was rescued. - Credit: Ravenswood Pet Rescue on Facebbook

He is already settling into his new home.

“He’s come a million miles since the almost dead dog we removed from the house,” rescuers said in an update about his progress.

Mr Ralph in forever home

Ravenswood Pet Rescue shared an update of Mr Ralph settling into his forever home. - Credit: Ravenswood Pet Rescue on Facebook

In June, a fourth dog Rosie had dental work to address the broken teeth in her mouth.

A spokesperson said: “Thanks to the team at Terrington Vets for taking care of this special old lady, who will soon be looking for her own home.”

The five other animals are on their way to making a full recovery.

Rosie who is among the 'Miracle 9'

Rosie - who is also among the 'Miracle 9' - had to have detail work on her broken teeth. - Credit: Ravenswood Pet Rescue Facebook page

In May, police called the Ravenswood team late at night to explain the animals had been found in horrific circumstances.

“We pray it’s something we never have to do again,” the charity said at the time. 

Dogs available for rehoming are listed on the Ravenswood Pet Rescue website.

Updates are also posted on its Facebook page with details on how to support the charity.