One hundred reconditioned laptops worth £25,000 donated to students

One hundred laptops worth around £25,000 will be donated to schools across Wisbech thanks to the Elizabeth Wright Charity.

One hundred laptops worth around £25,000 will be donated to schools across Wisbech thanks to the Elizabeth Wright Charity. - Credit: PA

A “desperate need for digital access for children in Wisbech” has meant around £25,000 worth of laptops will be donated to schoolchildren.  

The Elizabeth Wright Charity and the National Education Union provided funds after they were approached by The Cambs Youth Panel.  

The laptops are being provided by Veritas Digital Services as a non-profit contribution to the Digital Drive Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. 

Iain Mason, chairman of the Elizabeth Wright Charity, said: “The Cambs Youth Panel, led by one of its student volunteers, Molly, presented a very compelling case around the desperate need for digital access for children in Wisbech. 

“This impressive presentation secured the donation of £15,000.  

“The Elizabeth Wright Charity is able to provide grants for educational purposes and the relief of poverty and is thrilled to be able to support this exciting project.  

“It is inspiring to see young people like Molly using their spare time to help other young people who are in a less fortunate position than they are."    

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The Digital Drive Cambridgeshire and Peterborough campaign was launched by Cambridge 2030, Cambridgeshire County Council, Peterborough City Council, the Cambs Youth Panel and Cambridge Digital Partnership, and Cambridgeshire Culture Foundation, on February 6, to secure laptop donations and raise funds to help the estimated 8,000 children across the county who do not currently have digital access at home. 

Phil Priestley of Cambs Youth Panel said: “The Digital Drive has made a terrific start and delivering 100 computers to Wisbech is an immediate and very meaningful sign of how we quickly convert donations, cooperation and good will into progress and success. 

“We will continue to work effectively with local charities to combine our resources and attack digital inequality. We are demonstrating that we can solve this problem collectively.” 

You can donate your unused laptops by taking them to your local library where you’ll find a drop-off box just inside the entrance. 

All donated laptops will be collected and delivered to the Cambs Youth Panel who will remove and destroy all hard drives and data.