LETTER: What is going on? We need to vote leave

LETTER: "All the negotiations have been on Brussels terms. We are leaving, the only terms are ours?"

LETTER: "All the negotiations have been on Brussels terms. We are leaving, the only terms are ours?" - Credit: Archant

Having spent thirty years serving my country as a soldier in places like Aden, Malaya, Borneo, Oman and Northern Ireland, I am at a loss as to what is going on.

The Government has been shilly-shallying for the past two years to what end?

All the negotiations have been on Brussels terms. We are leaving, the only terms are ours. Northern Ireland is an integral part of the United Kingdom, the republic want free access because it is cheaper to send their goods via the mainland to the continent rather than by sea or air.

The UK territorial waters are ours and ours alone, any foreign ships fishing in our waters should be made to land their catch at a British port.

Gibraltar has been a sovereign territory since the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713, are the Spanish prepared to give up the rights to their territories of Ceuta and Melilla on the Moroccan mainland? No.

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James Carney should be sacked immediately, every prediction he has made about the economy have proved false, as his latest will be.

Passports, what is all the fuss about, we managed quite well before entering this corrupt club, anyway if we go away even on the continent we must carry our passports with us to get back.

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These are a number of countries in the EU whose people don’t like what is going on, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and even France and Germany have a sizeable number of people who dislike what is going on.

France is only cosying up to Germany because they are afraid of them after what happened in the France – German war of the 1870s, the first and second world wars.

Macron is full of bluster, trying to cover up what is going wrong at home. Angela Merkel is retiring because she knows what will happen to the German motor industry as it will fuel the squeeze as we are at their biggest buyers.

It is time for us to say NO DEAL, we are leaving. In his elevated position, having the ear of the Prime Minister, Steve Barclay should be telling her we leave, no pre conditions, we will go it alone and trade with the rest of the world, including places like Australia, New Zealand and Canada who we kicked in the teeth when we first joined, when Ted Heath lied to us in the 1970s.

As our MP in a constituency that voted to leave it is duty to make our feelings known and VOTE LEAVE.

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