RAF veterans help Friends of Wisbech Institute celebrate Battle of Britain Day

VETERANS of the Second World War helped the Friends of Wisbech Institute celebrate Battle of Britain Day in style.

The RAF veterans presented ‘Flying for Britain’ - recalling the events and the emotions from their heroic fight to stop Hitler’s invasion.

Ron Bridgeman, who flew with the 56 Squadron from RAF North Weald, told of his exploits during the battle, alongside a presentation of pictures.

Henry Wagner recalled his life as a navigator in a Halifax Bomber. He was forced to bail out 18,000ft over Holland, drifting into Germany where he was captured on Christmas Eve 1944 - after six days on the run.

Mr Wagner told of the freezing temperatures that froze his flying suit solid and fascinated the audience with his collection of memorabilia.

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The evening concluded with Roy Palmer, who trained to fly in Canada and the USA. He returned to a holding camp in Britain before he was posted to training command.

At his new base, Mr Palmer flew tug aircraft, towing drogue targets for gunner practice.

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