Queen Elizabeth Hospital birthing pool gets refurbished to make it more “homely”

CatherineTipler in the newly refurbished Queen Elizabeth Hospital lavender room.

CatherineTipler in the newly refurbished Queen Elizabeth Hospital lavender room. - Credit: Archant

A birthing pool room in Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been given a facelift.

The lavender room

The lavender room - Credit: Archant

Previously, the Lavender room, on the central delivery suite at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn, was divided in two, with the birthing pool set in a small side room with little natural light.

As part of the refurbishment, the wall has been knocked through creating a open-plan room with skylight windows, lavender walls and picture frames and information cards.

The large birthing pool sits in the far corner of the room with optional dimmed lighting and LED tea lights to create a cosy environment for women during labour.

Catherine Weatherill, normality specialist midwife, said: “We wanted to create a homely environment for women to give birth in.

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“In the room we now have a water birth pool which some women find very helpful to cope with the pain in labour and also to help them to stay mobilised and change positions easily, all of which encourages their baby to be born naturally.

“As part of the refurbishment we now have dimmer switches and tea lights to create a more relaxed environment.

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“The room is also set up with other equipment such as a birthing ball and couch.”

The refurbishment comes following patient feedback that the bright lights made them feel uncomfortable.

Mrs Weatherill said: “The new ambient lighting enhances the relaxed and calm environment of the room. Bright lights can feel particularly clinical and naturally women feel safer, calmer and more relaxed in dimmed lighting.”

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