Prison threat for teenager who owes court cash

TEENAGER Daniel Pack will be sent to a young offenders’ institution for seven days if he fails to pay off court fines totalling �190 within six weeks, a judge has warned.

Pack appeared at Wisbech courthouse to be sentenced for damage he caused earlier this year, and it came to light that he had various court debts.

He had failed to pay �50 compensation for damage he caused to a shed back in January, although a friend at court offered to pay that cash.

He also owed the court another �190 for a fixed penalty and court costs, relating to earlier offences.

The court heard how 18-year-old Pack, of The Staithe, Holmes Drive, Wisbech, had damaged a garden shed when his former girlfriend refused to speak to him.

He punched and shattered a window in the structure, and then caused damage to the window frame, causing �50 worth of damage.

Eighteen-year-old Pack admitted the offence back in February -- but sentencing was adjourned for six months and he was back in court this week to hear his fate.

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District Judge Ken Sheraton ordered Pack to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work, he will be supervised by the probation service for a year and must pay another �85 costs.